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Creating games for the MSX system

Construction Craze

After the Combi Disk we programmed Construction Craze.

Construction Craze was sort of a SimCity combined with Tetris aspects for MSX, this game was a real success. All the reviews talked about a original and good looking game with good gameplay. At the MSX fair 1995 in Tilburg we sold more than 100 copies of it and we even were sold out !! So we took another 50 orders to send a copy of the game to our customers. This game was our breakthrough in the MSX world.

Construction Craze was our first game not written completely in MSX BASIC, the engine was assembly and the glue which put all the stages together was BASIC.

In the media

Gameplay video on YouTube


Construction Craze was reviewed in the biggest MSX magazine MCCM number 71:
Technical data
128 Kram & 128Kvram
PSG & SAMPLED Sound effects